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Sitting Softly: Finding Sanctuary with Friends as We Grow Older

As women, our friendships are one of our greatest treasures. Our closest girlfriends have been with us through all of life’s ups and downs - they’ve celebrated our victories and grieved our losses. They’ve pushed us to be our best selves and loved us at our worst. 

But as we enter our 50s and beyond, the way we maintain our most cherished friendships often changes. Late nights out give way to cozy afternoons in. Rowdy girls' trips are replaced by quiet weekends catching up over tea. We begin to crave calm, comfort, and connection - a sanctuary where we can truly listen and be heard. 

This shift is natural. Our priorities change as we get older. We have less energy for staying out late and more appreciation for quiet moments. We want to immerse ourselves in conversation, not compete with blaring music. We seek stillness, simplicity, and sisterhood.

My inspiration for creating Tulip and Tea came from this desire for a sanctuary—a place where women could gather with friends and be fully present. After many years of treasured late nights out with my girlfriends, I realized I was craving something different. I wanted a space where we could sit softly together, with no distractions or pressures. 

In the quiet corners of Tulip and Tea, friends find solace in the simplicity of shared moments. Here, the ambiance is as warm as the company, inviting visitors to unwind and bask in the joy of each other's presence. It's a place where time slows down, allowing for conversations to flow freely, unencumbered by the distractions of modern life.

It’s a place to tell your stories, speak your truth, be seen and heard. To honor how far you’ve come, how much you’ve learned, how you want to live moving forward. To give voice to your dreams, share your worries, call on your sisters for support. 

And it's more than just a physical space. Tulip and Tea represents the spirit of sisterhood — of women coming together to nurture each other. In this busy world where we’re often spread thin, these sanctuaries are vital. They remind us to slow down, sit softly, replenish our spirits, and cherish the gift of our friends. 

Here, you can bring your mothers, daughters, neighbors, book club friends, longtime confidantes. All are welcome. You can introduce a new friend to your circle and watch a new sisterhood bloom. There’s room for everyone at this table.

We may arrive weary from long days of work and family care. We may walk through the door heavy-hearted or anxious. But in this sanctuary, together, we lighten each other’s load.

Something magical happens over a shared pot of tea. Walls come down. Masks are removed. We open up. We see each other - and ourselves - more clearly. This is the true gift of sisterhood.

When the chaos and pressures of the outside world feel overwhelming, we start to crave the calm of true connection. We yearn for a place to sit softly with sisters who know our story. A place where we can set down our burdens and nurture our spirits. 

That's the sanctuary I want Tulip and Tea to provide - for you and your dearest friends to slow down and savor this fleeting, beautiful stage of life. To honor the extraordinary women you are becoming in your 50s and beyond. To reflect on how far you’ve come, who stood with you along the way, and where your paths lead from here.

This is a space to breathe deeply, speak gently, and listen closely. To offer kindness, wisdom and comfort as only beloved girlfriends can. To choose each other again and again.

Here, we celebrate our strength - as mothers, friends, leaders, survivors. We acknowledge our need for rest. We recognize life is short, and our time together precious. 

So join us, sisters, with open hearts. Come sit softly with us and share your stories, your dreams, your whole, imperfect, extraordinary self. This sanctuary is yours.


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